Solotica Topazio Contact Lenses – Solflex Natural Collection

6,000.0 5,000.0

Color : Topazio
Modality : Monthly
Base Curve : 8.7
Diameter : 14.2mm
Water Content : 38%
Material : Polymacon 62%
Discrete Limbal Ring to enhance the eye contrast
For wear during the daytime for up to one month



Solotica is based in Brazil and it crafts the world’s top-quality contact lenses that are popular around the world. It has 6 unique and breath-taking lens collections. Each of the collection has the ability to win your heart with its array of vibrant colors. Hidrocor is one of the most famous collections of Solotica which is the first choice of the people of the USA, UK, Canada, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and the Middle East.
Solotica Hidrocor is the most opaque of all lenses and does not have a limbal ring. It is a perfect choice for those who want to attain an extremely natural look. The absence of the limbal ring allows it to blend seamlessly with your eye and it is perfect to wear it during the day as well.
Hidrocor is the largest collection of Solotica with its 12 beautiful shades and designs. It has Avela, Ambar, Grafite, Cristal, Ocre, Mel, Topazio, Quartzo, Safira, Ice, Jade, and Aquamarine.
Solotica Topazio Contact Lenses – Solflex Natural Colors has a sky blue hue with a splash of yellow near the iris and a delicate limbal ring around the lens. It has the potential to completely change any dark brown eyes into shimmering sky blue eyes.


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